Gina Raheb

Gina, founder & owner of Natural Fitness, Yoga & Fitness, opened September 2002.  She holds the most advanced Yoga Certification with the Yoga Alliance; she’s studied Yoga over 22 yrs after discovering its many benefits to running, cycling & weight lifting, surfing, & everyday life! Gina’s been studying Yoga so long, she calls her Yoga, “Gina Yoga.” She’s also an AFPA (Am. Fitness Pro. & Assoc.) Certified Pilates & Free Weights Instructor.  She opened Natural Fitness to SHARE the MANY HEALTH BENEFITS of Yoga, Pilates & Free Weights, with all.

Barbara Keegan

Barbara is a 200hr Yoga Teacher, uses Yoga to maintain inner strength & peace as a result of her training for 12 years with Gina Raheb. She includes meditation & movement to increase the flow of energy throughout the body. Barbara has a MA in Education.  She has also taught anatomy at NE TECH for 4 years.


Dot Zullo

Dot is a 200hr Certified Purna Yoga Teacher, has been studying and practicing Yoga for over 11 years. She is a competitive runner who brings the practice of Yoga, breath, calmness & peace into her races as well as into her profession as a mammographer. Dot loves to use Yoga to help others experience of peace, and connection with the self.


Brooke Graham

Brooke has been studying Yoga for 4 years with Gina Raheb. She maintains her own daily practice and studies in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. Brooke is in the Nursing Program at URI; she knows & shares that Yoga is the key to maintaining a healthy body & mind.

All Instructors

All instructors provide modifications.  Upon arrival, please inform instructors of any injuries or limitations.